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"Training with Tim is always a challenge that I look forward to! Even when my motivation is at my lowest I know that I'm going to get through my sessions feeling different than when I arrived! Tim knows how to transform bodies and the workouts are never mundane or boring!"

~Julissa Bermudez~  Television Host / Actress

"I have done many different types of training to stay fit over the years. Training with Tim since 2011 has been one of the best choices I have made. He has definitely helped to push me towards my full potential of muscle gains, fat burning and staying lean. Always pushing me towards peak fitness and staying camera ready.  His knowledge and depth of understanding of health and nutrition has also helped to improve my overall health and wellness factor. Very personable, he is a great guy to train with!"

~Justin Hartley~  Actor




"I absolutely love Tim! My body loves him even more! With tremendous patience, he has taken my physique to new heights.  Coaching me through THE MOST transformational, sculpting and toning my body has ever known!"

~Shaniece Hairston~ Model / Reality TV Celebrity


"I've been training with Tim for a long time, because he is the best! Really though, I used to do an hour of cardio every day, thinking that was enough to tone my body...It wasn't quite working.  He showed me that weight training is the most efficient way to tighten everything up, and completely transformed my body.  I started building muscle, but didn't bulk up-the optimum goal for most ladies!  Not only does he sufficiently kick your booty at the gym, but he's an expert with nutrition, and breaks down exactly what to put into your body for maximum performance and efficiency.  On top of that, he is an absolute blast to train with!  He makes it so fun! (Even when you feel like you can't lift another pound!)  He's my trainer for life, and I cannot recommend him enough!"

~Molly Burnett~ Actress

"I've been training with Tim since 2011...but for the season 5 series, "Orange Is The New Black", he got me into the best shape of my life! Absolutely love the guy!  Super knowledgeable, he helps me fine tune my nutrition and fitness goals, so that I have no worries when I'm on screen!"

~Brad Henke~ Actor

"I have worked with several trainers throughout the years, but I have never met someone like Tim. Tim truly cares about your goals and he truly values the time you spend with him.  He pushes you to be the best and what is even greater is that he believes in you and never gives up on you or your goals.  He is available any time for advice and will be 100% honest with you.  It's just not a diet, he shows you how to make working out and eating healthy a lifestyle.  He is a wealth of knowledge, and he KNOWS EVERYTHING about how to get the body you want!  He also leads by example and is a role model you can look up to.  When you invest in him, he truly invests in you!  He will take your goals very seriously, but he will also ensure you have a great time working out with him.  I have a very stressful job and working out with Tim has also allowed me to take some of that stress away, so I look forward to working out with him daily. That has NEVER happened with any other trainer I have had. I wanted to look great for my wedding, and Tim pushed me really hard and kept me focused.  Even when I wanted to quit and give up, he always made me re-focus on my goals.  With his support, I was very confident on my wedding day!! Thank you Tim for being absolutely amazing!  I am now expecting my first child, and will go back to Tim as soon as I can.  I cannot  wait to get my body back working with Tim!  I know the results will be AMAZING!!

~Samanthika DeSilva-Tate~ Regional Banking Director

"I love Tim!  He is a great personal trainer!  Not only does he help you to set and meet realistic goals for yourself, but he pushes you in a way that isn't forced or annoying, nor frustrating.  He helped me to do things I didn't think were possible for me to accomplish.  Tim loves what he does.  He is an artist ad a craftsman when it comes to health and fitness.  he understands nutrition and the body and how to properly pair the two to achieve your desired results.  Also, not only does he help his clients, he LIVES what he teaches.  Tim is a walking billboard for his business, knowledge and passion!  He is the BEST!

~Kara Still~ Fashion & Design Buyer

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